Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse @ Hilton Niagara Fall. (Road Trip Day 8 + 1, Dancing the Victory Dance)


Lured by the promotional falls view package by Hilton at Niagara Fall which include 40 dollar Dining Credit at Brasa and Breakfast Buffet for 2 and a falls view two bed room suite.  We decided to stay here for the final destination of the 8 day cross North America road trip.  As we checked in, I see a promotional poster about all you can eat at Brasa for only 39.95 and I have a bad feeling.


As my friend filled up with Ben&Jerry, I am starved to death as we checked in at around 7:30.  We quickly waltzed into the restaurant at end of the Hilton tower and thinking we could just order 1 or 2 dishes with the 40 dollar dining credit.  After all we don’t have big appetite.  As we arrived, we quickly realized that all you can eat is the only option and we need to throw in yet another 40 dollar for this meal.


If both of us are really hungry, then it probably is ok. The 40 dollar is quite standard at the most touristy place on earth.  But my dear friend was completed wasted by the Ben&Jerry ice cream. Oh well, we gotta eat. The restaurant is very spacious. There is huge walk room everywhere in the restaurant.  The table are widely separate so it is quite a nice setting to carry out your conversation.


The meal consisted of the salad bar w/ some hot features as well as endless of meat on the sword. If you are familiar with the Brazilian steakhouse.  The red coaster on the table give the waiter the signal to come toward you with huge stack of meat on their long sword.


The salad bar actually has some really excellent grilled vegetables as well as Salmon and rice dish.  There are abundances of greens that are quite fresh.


In the past, I often avoid Brazilian steakhouse because they are usually overcook. But this place does their meat quite well. Nice and tender and pink in the inside for all their beef dishes.  Parmesan chicken, rib eye, tenderloin, it’s all pretty good. 


We waited for bacon chicken wrap all night and it turns out to be the disappointment of the night. The chicken is super dry and the bacon is overcooked. Shouldn’t the fat from the bacon protect the chicken from being too dry? 


The only view of the restaurant. So Brasa doesn’t offer any view but I meant there is falls view right at your room!

I enjoyed eating here but if I have to spit out 80 dollar plus tax + tip for two people. I am definitely passing next time. I love meat but I can’t handle too much to make it worth it. For those of you that are champion carnivore. This is a great place for you!

Worth the drive?
Food: 20/30
Ambience: 20/30
Service: 23/30
Price: $50 +

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