Monday, June 13, 2011

Tokyo Kitchen–Solid Home Style Japanese food in Downtown



After a very expensive afternoon drinks at Sassafraz, we decided to look for something budget. But what is budget and taste good in the Downtown area?

Good Japanese cuisine basically spells expensive meal in the city of Toronto. But Tokyo Kitchen begs the differ. If you want solid home style Japanese food in Downtown with reasonable price. Then this is the place for you.  Tokyo Kitchen offer generous portion of typical home quick meal for their patrons to indulge.


Some healthy greens with typical Japanese vinegrette salad dressing with mashed daikon. Crunchy greens with the balance acidic and sweet dressing. It kicks off your appetite right away.


The chicken cutlet is nice and tender. The sauce is a little bit too strong for my taste. It may be very well comes from the bottle. But I really enjoyed the moist chicken.


Shrimp tempura dinner, 10 medium size battered Shrimp tempura is very very generous for the price of 15 dollar. The shrimp is decent quality with the right amount of texture. A very good meal in turns of ROI.


The inferior of all the dish. The Tonkatsu don (porkchop rice) is a little soggy.  The sauce is really unbalanced making the taste inconsistent through out the bowl.  The egg is dropped in carelessly as well. It did not enhanced the don but rather ruined it a little bit. But I am being a little bit harsh on it. It is very ok for the price.


Finished it up the oiliness meal with some refreshing tea by UCC.

Worth the drive? No. Definitely only drop by if you are around. Its fulfilling but driving to DT is just not worth it.
Food: 20/30
Decoration: 17/30
Service: 20/30
Price: $15

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